We are all about purity. The Finnish nature provides us with amazing superfoods and we want to share them with the world.

This is our story

We are two female entrepreneurs from Finland, for whom nature has always been close to the heart. Our backgrounds are in natural resources, osteopathy, and entrepreneurship. The Finnish people come from the forest and we are no exception. That’s where our first childhood memories are from and that’s where we head to when in need of peace and quiet. The best berry and mushroom spots have been passed on from generation to generation in our families so in every season we know exactly where to go.

We’re blessed to live in the north, where we have the opportunity to enjoy our own superfoods directly from nature. Still, most of the year we have to settle for preserved natural products. With our advanced methods, that’s not really an issue though. Freeze-drying allows products to last a lot longer, be packed in a small space while still preserving all the nutrients. A spoonful of blueberry powder in the morning is reminiscent of the bright summer nights that give our berries their unique nutritional value.

Maybe it’s not just us Finns that are foresters? Our goal is to give others the same chance to enjoy these wonderful and super-healthy natural products. Products that are packaged in stylish yet ecological packaging that keeps all the valuable flavors and nutrients in top condition. That’s why a portion of every sold product is given to charity to help plant trees where they’re needed the most!

Our products are 100%
natural and healthy

We deliver
all over the world

Everything comes
from nature

We plant a tree
for every product we sell

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